• I cant upload my photo what should i do?

photos must be 20mb and below. please try to adjust the size accordingly.

if you struggle with this then please inbox our facebook page www.facebook.com/tigerlillywithlove and we will advise the next steps.


  • Will my photo fit?

shapes need to be taken into consideration when ordering.

square - most photos will fit fine unless they are a wide photo.

circle - makesure the main part of the photo is centered. and bits in the corners will be missed off.

heart - bear in mind that the heart dips in in the middle so any photo that is centered and near the top will not fit in properly.


  • I dont see what im looking for?

Please feel free to inbox our facebook page and we will try and help as best as we can.


  • how long will my order take?

please check our waiting times page for the latest waiting times.


  • Can I change a name? 
Please mention any changes in the notes section of your order via the website. Any messages in the Facebook/Instagram inboxes are easily missed. Orders are made from the details on the website only.